Aristeia Group provides managed solutions and mobilises multi discipline teams for the engineering, drilling, construction, finance, health and safety, training and paramedical sectors.

Aristeia Cyber is a holistically integrated digital and physical security organisation providing high end consultants and technology to SME's and large enterprises worldwide.

Based around the globe, our team, consultants and partners consist of some of the world's best engineers, scientists, cryptologists, cyber and physical intelligence and security experts.

Incident Management Response

Be prepared for and successfully respond to incidents at the first sign of intrusion. The speed at which you identify a breach, combat the spread of malware, prevent access to data, and remediate the threat will make a significant difference in controlling risk, costs, and exposure during an incident.

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Cyber Vulnerability Assessment

We clone your networks and endpoints in a virtual environment, and run thousands of real cyberattacks against a replica of your system. We analyze the damage, resulting in a series of score cards. These risk reports pinpoint your largest vulnerabilities and provide guidance on investment ‘in’ improvements. Our risk quantification technology informs your board, advises your executives, and guides necessary action by your security staff. Our system alleviates the need for hypothetical guesswork. We measure the risk for you, saving you time and money.

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24/7 Threat Detection

By capturing and analyzing machine behavior, we expose anomalies in real time that indicate the presence of advanced malware. The instant a potential threat is detected, a contextual remediation plan is built from change detection, granular detection, machine learning and patented algorithms. The exploit and all associated collateral damage are repaired. Infected assets are restored back to their pre-attack state. No re-imaging is required. Offending executables are stopped in their tracks. Altered configuration settings are repaired. Deleted or corrupted files are restored. Open ports are slammed shut. All this happens around the clock, while your business operations continue uninterrupted.

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Cyber Hygiene

Using patented machine-learning algorithms, we can automate security controls and configurations, drastically improving your cyber hygiene. We provide continuous scanning of each endpoint, locating and resolving configuration violations with minimal human intervention.

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Encrypted Communications

We provide todays ultimate solution for protecting your business documents and email communications. Fully integrated into the Microsoft office product suite, we provide an enhanced 256-bit AES encryption solution, allowing you to effortlessly send and receive email messages and all office documents securely via outlook. This includes the option to send and receive using patented Stealth technology.

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There are many firms offering recruitment services but Aristeia Group combines both global reach and scientific know-how for specialist, bespoke recruiting solutions across the cyber security spectrum. With an increasing unpredictable threat landscape, having the right people, at the right time, with the right skills will be paramount for business ecosytems across all market sectors.

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Industrial Control Systems (ICS) PLCs, SCADA, HSM’s

The increasing use of wireless networking places ICS implementations at greater risk from adversaries who are in relatively close physical proximity but do not have direct physical access to the equipment. While security solutions have been designed to deal with these security issues in typical IT systems, special precautions must be taken when introducing these same solutions to ICS environments.

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Cyber Insurance

Your business takes years to build but only seconds to destroy. 90% of large organisations and 75% of SME’s have been victims of Cyber Crime in 2016. 52% of these businesses thought they had cyber protection, but in actual fact only 10% did. Before you know it, your customers’ confidential data is compromised and your system is so corrupt that your business can’t function. Ensure that your business is financially protected from cyber crime.

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Data Protection Training

Data Protection has recently undergone a fundamental reappraisal with the enactment of the new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). GDPR is not due to come fully into force until 25 May 2018; yet businesses which do not plan for it before then will be severely disadvantaged. And whatever the final form of Brexit, or the nature of the agreement under which the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, businesses will still need to comply with GDPR.

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Security Systems Design

Our experienced consultancy teams have designed security systems for diverse client projects worldwide from inception to completion using operating concepts and technologies that are industry standard.

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Managed Support Services & Disaster Recovery

We offer Facilities Management Support (FMS) to increase efficiency and costs for the deployment of equipment and personnel in a secure and safe manner that enable our clients to operate successfully across the various countries of operations.

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Crisis Management Planning

We will assist corporations in creating crisis management plans against threats, extortions and kidnappings. We will also provide templates and procedures for evacuating employees from unstable areas.

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Our Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility

All work undertaken by Aristeia Group is carried out to the highest standards of professional competence and integrity. Our policies aim to encourage a positive impact on the environment, our clients, our employees and the communities in which we operate.

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