24/7 Threat Detection

We show you how to reduce your attack surface with automated security configuration management. Then we provide tools to detect and respond to attacks, while surgically remediating affected systems without interrupting your business.

Some of the best in-house attack management teams in the US consistently test the defense systems of this technology incorporating future malware mutations and intrusion methodologies into their attack strategy. This provides a positive cycle that enables the software’s defense systems to continuously up its game.

The ultimate goal of this technology is to consistently Detect, Respond and Remediate the presence of any advanced malware in its environment. From the moment the software is plugged into the system the process of understanding the behavior of its environment commences and never stops evolving. Machine learning – behavior analytics combined with artificial intelligent defense systems should be an integral part of any company’s IT security strategy.

Large corporations that house thousands of endpoints consume critical man hours of their highly talented personnel who spend time on repetitive and mundane tasks. Our machine learning software takes away this burden and allows them to get on with more challenging tasks. This approach is not only more cost effective in terms of resources, but also is favourable for the business due to the huge reputational and financial damage a breach can cause in the long term.

The WannaCry attack is another harsh reminder that organizations are vulnerable to “patch gaps” or endpoint blind spots that can result in damage, losses and business interruptions.

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