Cyber Vulnerability Assessment

Ask yourself two questions:

  • Do you know how vulnerable your network really is?
  • Can you accurately quantify the monetary risk of your current security posture?

We deploy our library of exploits in a variety of ways, using different trajectories, thereby mimicking the customization of pen testing. We can run customized sub-simulations, such as experimenting against specific network segments and geographies. Once the software is purchased, it can run as many tests as you wish providing score cards and key recommendations.

It is important to understand that organizations face millions of threats each day making it impossible for a security researcher to analyze and categorize them. This task can be done by using our machine learning software.

A vulnerability assessment is valuable to a company to understand how large their potential threat surface is by identifying and quantifying security vulnerabilities. This is a comprehensive evaluation of your company’s security posture in a given scope, revealing weaknesses and detailing remediation steps to eliminate or mitigate these threats down to an acceptable risk level.

Remember, a threat actor exploits a vulnerability and damages the security of the information asset. In that general case, the components of risk are the existence of a vulnerability, an exploit that takes advantage of the vulnerability and a threat actor willing to use that exploit to damage the security of the asset.

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