Security Systems Design

It is essential to consider how the built environment will be used, from the outset to before construction commences, and in that regard, probably the most important elements are the practical application of the concepts of CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) and the effective management of the space created.

Aristeia approach methodology

Strategic definition – identify client’s security needs and obligations, together with an assessment of security implications arising from the development, typically referred to as a ‘Risk Assessment’.

Preparation Brief – identify security requirements that will enhance building operations. These requirements can be documented in BSRIA (Building Service Research & Information Association).

Concept Design – prepare a security concept document in support of an outline planning application. The concept document can be produced in the format as prescribed by CABE as a Design and Access Statement.

Development design – prepare detailed technical and electronic design information with regards to all the security arrangements relating to the project.

Technical Design –  No Technical or Developed Design can be complete without the inclusion of product information to enable accurate budget costs to be prepared and agreed. We provide quality control assistance for supply chain tenders.

Quality control – of all installations during the construction phase.

Hand over and Close Out – ensure completion of O & M (Operations & Maintenance) manuals; undertake tests and issue certificates upon completion (twelve months from Practical Completion).

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